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Your Safety Matters to Us


Welcome to the NOUSENS Community, a space designed for embodied leadership, continuous learning, and genuine human connection. These guidelines are here to ensure your online experience is enjoyable, respectful, and uplifting for all members.

#1 COMMUNITY of EMBODIED Leadership ​

  • Where embodiment learning takes place by the minute 

  • Where collaborating is a creative discipline 

  • Where scheduling is a gift to embrace the given timing 

  • Where learning is the #1 quest for all 

  • Where regulating the nervous system is a standard

  • Where safety is tangible for ALL

  • Where inclusion is a goal, not a rule 

  • Where empathy is the #1 currency

How To Participate?

  • Create your profile on the platform to connect with NOUSENS diverse community

  • Share your unique experiences and insights - each voice enriches our collective wisdom

  • Engage positively and respectfully. Lift others up, inspire and support


Community Principles:

  • Embrace diversity and inclusion

  • Promote vulnerability, positivity and respect in all interactions 

  • Protect privacy and avoid sharing sensitive personal information

  • Share respectful content

  • Collaborate and contribute your input makes 

  • Collaborate and contribute – your input makes us stronger.


Reporting Concerns:

  • If you encounter content or actions that violate our guidelines, please report them. Our community team will address any issues promptly to maintain a safe and enriching environment.

  • 🔒 Legal Information: NOUSENS Community is a collaborative platform, and the content shared by users represents their own views, not necessarily those of NOUSENS.

  • Always use your judgment and consult professionals when needed. Our guidelines may evolve, and we reserve the right to modify them as necessary.

  • BALANCE: Make a huge step beyond the intellect and into the heart towards mental peace. 

  • EVOLUTION: Develop our body intelligence so that we can make better judgements for ourselves & others, on-demand.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: Stop escaping the suffering, only our hearts can heal. Faster together.

  • COLLABORATION: Inspire people out of the codependent victim patterns with themselves.

  • SCIENTIFIC DEMONSTRATION: Prove that emotions, sensations and stories are the new management tools for growth mindset leaders.  

Flag Inappropriate Content:

We trust our community members to maintain a respectful atmosphere. If you notice any guideline violations, flag them for review by our moderators. Together, we'll ensure NOUSENS remains an enriching space for all.


Welcome to the NOUSENS Community! We're excited to embark on this journey of growth and well-being with you. 


#NOUSENSCommunity #EmbodiedLeadership #GrowTogether

Optimize Learning Through Community

Solo Learning

Set your own clear goals

  • Create a structured agenda

  • Use resources available

  • Stay consistent

  • Reflect & ask for help as needed

Duo Learning

Find a learning partner

  • Student/Guide on complex projects

  • Discuss and exchange insights

  • Hold each other accountable

  • Celebrate achievements together

Group Learning

Contribute to your community

  • Engage in mental health feedback

  • Communicate clear group requests

  • Optimize shared-resources

  • Embrace diversity of perspectives


Immersive Learning

NEW Embodiment Rituals Made for your team's latest needs


The ultimate community-care experiences, seminars, 5D Retreats for Your Team 


Live Q&As

NEW Scientific Discovery explained to your team's needs

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