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  • Is Somatic Learning applicable in all companies?
    Our clients recognize four major strengths of SENSARAa in terms of communication: having found a language that is understandable in the context of work and organizations. Body being the new favorite leadership tool. Team motivation regained just after 3 weeks of embodiment practice reducing stress on-demand easily. What Google and Accenture have in common: They are some of the most innovative companies and both companies trusted us and our innovative approach to make sustainable shifts within their employees and connect the dots between performance and well-being. The principles of embodiment teaching apply to general managers, middle managers and project managers, and for all business lines and countries. Our expertise consists precisely in introducing with ease, grace and tact new possibilities in all organizations. We help people realize the dimension that has always been present and active before their eyes: we perceive, decide, interact and communicate with our bodies, whether we like it or not. So, we might as well learn to use the intelligence of the body if we want to be successful in the long run.
  • I'm disconnected from my body, won't this be too hard for me?
    Somatic Intelligence works through very gentle non-athletic movement, posture, awareness, visualization, relaxation and breathing. It is accessible to everyone. Most of us come from a mental culture disconnected from the body. But for people who have developed their intellectual faculties and who already have a solid foundation in management, the potential lies precisely at the border, beyond what they already know. We lead them to discover what they have not yet explored. Learning how to operate from within is an extremely stimulating discovery. The speed of learning varies from person to person but it is not a race and each step brings its own reward.
  • What is the difference between Embodiment and Somatic?
    Somatics refers to theories and practices based on the premise that healing happens through the body - “soma” in Ancient Greek refers to the physical body. Somatic practices engage the soma as a point of reference and a means of exploration. They are experiential, movement-based activities that invite you to attune to inner and outer realities by listening, moving, seeing, sensing, touching, sounding and imagining from the perspective of soma. Embodiment is the state of being in one’s body and a crucial component of somatic therapy. An embodiment practice is a discipline that uses the sensations of our body as a tool to stay present, self-regulate, find balance, feel connected, gain understanding, self-love, and implement new healthy and empowering habits.
  • How Somatic Intelligence will help me solve conflicts ?
    Conflict is a common experience of our daily lives and they often trigger low frequency emotions such as frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, distrust, jealousy, sadness… These strong emotions are part of the Fight-or-Flight response. They can create sensations, such as shortness of breath, sweating, feeling cold, trembling, pit in the stomach, and heart rate rapidly increasing… Your ability to negotiate and improvise is lost until you can bring your physiology under control. Logic, creativity, empathy are all sacrificed to adrenaline. Embodiment and Somatic skills will help you regain focus and develop the physical skills necessary to manage more effectively the physiological stress experienced during challenges and conflict situations.
  • Why is SENSARAa different?
    It’s not a coach, it's a process. Generating self-trust on-demand. The very first RELATIONAL SELF-ASSESSMENT revealing your own blind spots - answer body intelligence questions and connect the dots between your body reactions and your leadership needs. #1 SOMATIC PRESCRIPTION Learn with your own style of embodiment practices - Discharge | Relax | Visualize | Ground | Use Your Voice SAFEST DATA JOURNAL Monitor & change your patterns - all by yourself. No one needs to know how you feel (unless you want to) but you need to recognize your body intelligence to thrive (only if you care to). We have created a highly-secured platform for you to decode your emotions like data points. Data is owned by the user and anonymous reports are shared within people management teams.
  • What is the give back strategy?
    It’s simple: for every license purchased - you offer a license to an educator and a student in underserved communities - because the next generation deserves to learn from their body as much as we do so that together we solve the complex problems of today and tomorrow’s world.


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