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Celebrate Your Team This Spring

Book A SENSARAa Workshop. 

Release stress - Increase team alignment - Unlock creativity at an individual & collective level. 

Empower Yourself as the Leader of Your Team's Mental Well-being. 

Try This 2-min micro practice to boost your team's spirit 

1 to 2 Hours -
In-House, @the Museum or Online -
Create the SENSARAa Workshop For Your Organization

Distance your team from Burnout and Boreout. Learn 5 NEW rituals - rooted in the science of the nervous system. 
Intuitive Writing, Visualization, Neuro-Arts, Sensorial Games, Somatic practices...

The Science Behind The 4C Framework


When team members bring creative ideas and solutions to the table, it fosters innovation and drives progress. Creative thinking stimulates the brain's reward system, encouraging motivation and engagement among team members.


Research has proven that trust is the #1 ingredient for high performing teams. You build trust through reciprocity and by increasing levels of vulnerability in your private & public communication. 


Collaborating involves understanding and interpreting others' intentions and expressions, which engages the temporal lobes and frontal cortex, areas involved in social cognition. Are you sending cues of safety or danger to your co-workers? 

Critical Thinking

Self-awareness and discernment enhances neuroplasticity. Dopamine, associated with reward and pleasure are linked to critical thinking, it enhances problem-solving skills, minimizes errors, and promotes continuous improvement.

Why Choose SENSARAa?

We curate the latest discoveries in somatic intelligence, change management, the science of the nervous system,  neuro-arts and all sensorial-based learning.  

We can help you reduce stress like no one does it.

  • Foster collaboration and creativity by addressing communication barriers, such as lack of clarity or emotional tensions, ensuring all team members can contribute effectively.

  • Improve efficiency by reducing misunderstandings in real-time, thereby saving time and enhancing productivity across all levels of hierarchy.

  • Promote inclusivity in diverse workplaces by facilitating better understanding across cultural differences and personal communication styles.

At The Museum

Befriend Your Nervous System 
Reduce Stress
Unlock Creativity, Productivity & Team Cohesion

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