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Sensing Above and Beyond

Regulate Your

Nervous System

  • Equip teams to recognize which state they're in - safe/social, fight/flight/fawn, or depression/shutdown.

  • Tailored Rituals: Depending on their state, teams will know precisely which embodiment ritual to practice.

  • Create Unique Rituals: Harness organizational values and missions to craft rituals that enhance joy, learning, and cohesion.

SENSARAa Agenda: Plan Your Embodiment Rituals

  • Tailored to Organizational Needs: Schedule embodiment rituals based on annual work milestones, meetings, and closings.

  • Stay Engaged: Ensure teams are fully present and operating within a safe social nervous system for every work commitment.

Strategic Organizational Development

  • Emotions as Energy: Train teams to view emotions as dynamic energy, enhancing decision-making and collaboration.

  • From Triggers to Glimmers: Transform challenges into opportunities for insight and organizational growth.

  • Personalized Insights: Receive tailored content that resonates with your organizational journey and objectives.

Smarter Together

  • Empathy and Biases Discernment: Foster a culture of understanding, where biases are recognized, and empathy becomes a strategic advantage.

  • Bring Your Whole Self to Work: Encourage teams to be fully present, integrating their emotions, sensations, intuition, and intellect in every task, boosting innovation and creativity.

A Comprehensive Ecosystem

  • SENSARAa Platform: A digital space to explore embodiment practices, receive personalized insights, and learn solo, duo or in group.

  • Tailored Training: Accessible live and online sessions, customized to your organizational needs.

  • Exclusive Coaching Marketplace: Dive deeper with 1:1 sessions from our elite selection of embodiment and somatic coaches.

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