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What is the easiest and safest way to connect to your body?

One of the fastest ways is already through the breath. Breathing is a tool that you practice billions and billions of times. So it's a tool that is already well impregnated within you. You just have to bring light to this tool, to bring your consciousness to this powerful tool. So before even moving the body or using your mind with visualizations simply connect to your breath. It is not even a question of controlling it, of observing it, but simply listening to it in silence, do not manipulate it, or change it, or make special practices with it.

Simply learn to listen to your breath consciously. What a moment of fulfillment you are about to experience a moment of fulfillment that you can give to yourself at each moment. And so it is a way to connect you to all that is happening within you, to open the door, the portal to your inner dimension, that dimension where the resources, the solutions, your unique talents, your abilities, your skills reside. Imagine a library right now and by consciously listening to your breath, you open the door, you enter this dimension. Take a conscious deep breath right now and there you go, you see a library and each book of this library contains your abilities, what you are supposed to bring to this world, your solutions, your priorities, your next steps, what gives you joy and your limitations to release.

By opening this door and having access to this infinite library of knowledge, and because this library is updated every time you pick up a book, you will gain knowledge and understanding. And therefore you will open another book thanks to this new knowledge. Another book that will show you what you can create with this new knowledge and so on. Once the creation is done, it will take you to another book, “how can I bring my creation to the world?”, this information resides in another book. So the idea is to stay as often as possible in this dimension where you have access to all this information.

We hope you understand deeply when we say that the amount of information is monumental and it's infinite so the goal is to be able to realize when you've left this dimension, to know how to get back to it as soon as possible, to open the door to and from yourself, to your truth, to your magic. And so to answer your question the first way of connecting to your body is listening to the breath.


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