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What is Somatic Learning?

Google: “A somatic approach to education implies education that trusts individuals to learn from and listen to the information they are receiving from the interaction of self with the environment. Somatic or embodied knowing is experiential knowledge that involves senses, perceptions, and mind-body action and reaction.”

COR: Somatic learning is our opportunity as human beings to connect to our body as if it was the first time! This time we are curious visitors - on a quest to decode the highs & lows, the ups & downs - the waves of energy, our emotions, sensations & stories have to offer. We never know what’s around the corner and yet it feels right? It’s a mindset shift. It’s an improvement tool towards your self-growth. It’s the new self help management tool to collaborate with your body efficiently. After a few weeks of practice, you’ll know how to reduce stress & anxiety, how to gain focus & improve communication on-demand. It’s THE NEW opportunity to enhance the quality of your relationships by enhancing the quality of your own judgements. It’s connecting with your body to the infinite dimension of life: deep understanding. It's learning from your body - through your own language, it’s deciphering your own patterns, your own conditioning and limitations created by your past experiences. Somatic learning is looking at your body from the inside - with the right light up - you’ll get to see the cracks from your own vessel and heal them by investing what no one else can invest but you: embodying who your uniquely sophisticated & highly performing body wants the next step to be. It’s recognizing your own intelligence every time you feel consciously. Somatic learning is also having fun and feeling love and gratitude for yourself while you practice - it’s spreading the news every time the information is too bright for you to keep for yourself. It’s letting your body drive - try it - just for a few minutes a day.

Next time, a wave of energy comes through your body, welcome your emotion without trying to change or fix or solve anything: pause for a few seconds, trust and let your body give you the right information - See how grand you are while you explore all parts of you.

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