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INTRODUCTION - Wisdom is asking the right questions

To attribute to the intelligence of the body all its importance,

To make it a priority from now on for all of you who are reading those words,

we would like to invite you first to take a deep breath in through your nose and a deep breath out through your mouth. And we are asking you to ask yourself what your intention is right now, what are you hoping to gain from reading this article.

We invite you to read from now on with new eyes, new lenses, to ask yourself what are you expecting right now from this reading and by pausing and asking yourself you are starting to connect with your body. Questioning yourself is a powerful way to connect to yourself. The intelligence of your body is primordial today even more than before because you are much more conscious humans and therefore by being more conscious, you have the possibility to use your body in a much more conscious way and more efficiently. And so you have the chance that others before had not had, to access an infinite number of information. Information customized for you. Yes, information that will bring on this earth innovative creative visionary ideas and therefore will give the chance for many more humans to live a better life on this earth and for generations to come. So connecting to the intelligence of your body is creating a better world, and by connecting in the moment to your body you can access your future much more easily. Therefore you can gain self-confidence. What we want to convey to you today is the impact you can have not only on your life but on the lives of many others on earth. So we ask you to consider your body in each now moment as your best friend. We ask that you give it its voice and that you make it speak. You have a mouth on your head, but we would like you to visualize this mouth on your heart. Imagine that your mouth was placed much lower in your body. This would already give the body the opportunity to communicate more with you because you would be more aware of it than the highest part of your body that dissociates you from the rest of your sensations. Most of the humans on Earth only take into consideration their mind and mental reasoning and what made them take into consideration only their mind is their history, their philosophers "I think therefore I am" but there was a context when Descartes spread this idea.

Do not forget to put all that you read into context. The person who writes has been limited by its history, its fears, its wounds, its apprenticeships, its nationality, its country, its social environment, so it is important not to take everything you read at face value. It’s important to question your body and ask your body if the information you receive resonates fully with you. You will feel it with time once you start connecting on a daily basis with your body.

And how to make the difference ? Well the body helps you develop your sense of discernment even with regard to all your readings.

Enter your body when you read and keep only what resonates physically for you - how to recognize it? Through your sensations.

Sometimes you read something and you get a chill, a feeling of fullness that comes over you, maybe you're jostled and in that case there's information to go and see, a question to ask yourself: why did I feel that way when I read this? All we're suggesting to you at this moment is just to start questioning yourself through the information that your body is sending you and then you're going to give your mind its most beautiful and most powerful function of gaining understanding through the information of your body.

And it is thus this introduction that we wanted to share with you, question your body, keep only what resonates with you, what creates a feeling, a sensation, an emotion. What will make you evolve through your readings are what you will feel. We invite you to ask yourself the question: what will I learn from this reading? What will resonate deeply with me with my body, my soul, with my cells and then let go of this intention and trust that the information you will receive at this moment will be communicated to you by your senses and not by your mind. Then at the end of this article ask yourself the question: what have I just learned? What has resonated with me?


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