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If You Really Want It... Feel It First!

  • "Why do you care so much about visualization?

  • "Because it helps me get what I want."

Visualizing is feeling our needs as if they were already fulfilled. It is a very powerful tool to manifest our desires, and a safe way to clarify our intentions. A neat intention is critical to create anything & everything in life (read more about visualization applied to athlete training here).

A neat intention is composed of 2 simple protocols -happening likely at the same time:

The production of new images in the brain = Seeing -with eyes opened or closed

The recognition of the energy going through the body = Feeling -with heart opened & directly connected to our needs asking for fulfillment

Visualizing is seeing with our mind’s eye. It is feeling a new reality through our inner-senses when our body is not in charge. Yes, we are tricking our brain. We are sending signals to our operating system (the brain) showing that this new reality we dream of, is actually possible. In other words, we are feeling through our imagination. In mathematics, one may define visualization by saying:

I Imagine + I Feel = I Visualize.

When we visualize, we allow our heart to emanate the energy of love and gratitude. We abandon resistance, we let go of doubts. We welcome faith and dive into the endless void of possibilities. We go beyond the illusion of lack to feel what we truly desire in order to create it, for real. We honor our being by rising to the occasion of being who we want to be. And when we master it, we manifest every dream we have.

Let’s practice together. Let’s see what a visualization about faith may feel like.

  • “I want to feel serene, and peaceful in all circumstances. I want to feel strong & resourceful at all times. I want to feel whole & enough all by myself.

  • I trust my abilities to receive the information I need to carve my unique path. I trust my energetic self to create original ideas to solve the problems I am faced with.

  • I trust my inner-wisdom to set boundaries in order to protect my vital energy and keep my body at a high frequency.

  • I trust that this process feels good & makes me feel happy. I recognize it with a smile on my face.

  • I thank Time as my ally. I trust that information is received at the perfect moment for me to grow.

  • I am grateful for the triggers I experience on my path, they are my games to learn my lessons.

  • I thank my intuition for sending me highly personalized information. I commit myself to recognizing these information, to honor them and make adjustments on my life path.

  • I create at each moment who I am & I evolve by connecting my brain & my heart in perfect harmony…”

Can you feel your heart vibrating at a higher frequency? You're ready to visualize.

If you care to generate new results in your life, follow the steps below to elevate your energy to a higher frequency.

  • RELAX. Relaxation is a prerequisite to a successful visualization. The more we’re able to let go, the more we quiet our mind and relax our body, the faster we will harvest the fruits of our visualization. The universe is working for us and our job is to be a good collaborator, not a stressful creator.

  • EMPTY your emotional luggage. An emotion is an energy in motion within our human vessel. Trust that emotions are the messengers of important information we can access by feeling them deeply. Keep faith that this highly personalized information is temporary when we fully embrace it. Feeling is unlocking healing information, developed BY us & customized FOR us.

  • ACCEPT what is present in your body, mind and emotional realms. Don’t fight what is. Trust that we’re at the perfect step of our own evolution, that we have our own perfect timing. And trust that we can come up with creative solutions for what requires change.

  • Practice GRATITUDE. Let’s connect to what we are truly grateful for. Let’s feel our heart expanding. Let’s feel our heart vibrating at a higher frequency. We’re now radiating feelings of upliftment & joyfulness. Feel the grace in you, feel the frequency of your energetic body rising.

  • FEEL the experience. We are ready to visualize. We can close our eyes, we can talk out loud to ourselves or to a good friend. Whatever works best for us to immerse ourselves in the feeling of this new reality, so that our body vibrates at the frequency of what we care to create.

​​Visualizing is tuning the musical instrument that is our body. By constantly tuning the strings of our body, we keep adjusting our own trajectory. And at HeartWorkers, we believe that direction & meaning is what we miss to create what we want (not our lack of discipline or determination). We also believe that clarity is sharpened by our experiences of life, so let’s get going and share with us your experiences or questions about visualization.


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