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How to Invest or Reinvest In Your Body ?

Dancing with your body is one of the most beautiful acts you get to do for your own self. You are so used to create actions towards your external environment to please your co-workers, your friends and family. You are so used to please the norm and the standards you apply in your own life that you forget that you owe to our yourself to take care of your body, and that no one else can do that task better than you. Because you have under invested in your body intelligence In the last decades centuries and Over invested in your reason and logic - you are scared of your own body - you are scared of this unknown vessel and what it could bring to the situation and it is your mission and honor to create the condition to find what it feels like to feel safe in your body at all times. It is your responsibility to experiment what embodiment learning means and looks like for you because not one size fits all and no one can find the answer to that question better than you.

“So right now, while I’m speaking I’m actually on my lap and I’m moving my torso in circle because it feels good and because that’s the way right now while I’m speaking, it’s helping me connect to my body and stay connected And it brings me in the present moment without having to do anything. I can speak, let my mind be and I can absolutely connect to my body and all the memories of my body right now from Top to Bottom moving or dancing or shaking a little bit. “

Feel what it feels like for you to be embodied right now, in your own body the vessel that you serve right now, your beautiful vessel, ready to rock the world the way you want with your own style, bringing to life all your talents without exception and creating the space for others to bring their own unique skills so that together we can benefit and create the next level of collective intelligence.

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