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How to be optimistic in this current state of the world?

What about a little experiment? Have you ever chosen the positive mental path for ALL questions you were asked and you asked yourself in one entire day? We tried it for you!

  • First, it’s harder than it seems. Our brain is conditioned by our beliefs system, our cultural heritage, our perceptions... Those attributes influence the stories we are telling ourselves and define our ego. An ego driven by fear & threat instead of love & contentment. With no awareness of our ego, we believe we are in a survival mode, in which we need to protect ourselves. That's why we like to fall more easily for the pessimistic side of a story.

  • Second (and closely related to the first point) it's tiring, as you have to explain your opinion way more often than your cousin the pessimist. If you are an optimist, you are the intriguing one, the disturbing one who requests to look at the bright side. People tend to judge the optimist as delusional or disconnected from the reality of our world. Pro tip: we invite you to be curious.

  • Third, it’s humbling. When we see an optimist make “a mistake”, we tend to disvalue the positive choice. We tell ourselves “So, what is the point of being optimistic if it doesn’t pay off?” Now, let's try to question ourselves. What if our vision of a positive outcome wasn’t always the best option for ourselves? Because we're not able to imagine an alternative path doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Our proposal: Choosing a positive path may require changing our current reference system and be open to unknown territories.

  • Fourth, it’s enlightening. It offers new perspectives. Being optimistic doesn’t mean not being able to consider the worst scenario. It’s considering the worst scenario and choosing to learn from what seems to be the most positive path possible. It is knowing that learning exists in all experiences, despite their polarity. And it is believing that behind learning hides clarity.

Being optimistic is not being lazy, candid or cute... So what is it?

It’s choosing to follow what seems to be in this particular context: the most tangible AND positive outcome possible. It is not guaranteed to happen this way. (Tell us what is guaranteed?) It is not guaranteed to happen at all. But it will lead us towards an opportunity to sharpen our awareness about what we really want, what the world is or could be to us, and who we are in this world.

Optimism is a safe bet. It is maximizing our chances to create a positive outcome by choosing to do everything we can and trusting that everyone cares to do the same. It is aligning our vibration with what we want to see happening in life. Thoughts lead to actions and actions lead to results. If we want to produce different results in our life we need to start observing our thoughts and be able to adjust them in the moment. Because our future starts in the present.

And so, we hear you say: “but not everyone is in touch with their own desires and dreams so how to visualize in that case?

You may not be clear about what you want to create for yourself but everyone wants a positive outcome for themselves. Choosing optimism is choosing high frequency, it is aligning yourself with the vibration of your intuition. It will give you the clarity you need to discover what you truly want. It will help you activate a virtuous circle for your path to unfold in the best possible way for your personal growth.

Creating a better world for the generation to come is one of our guiding principles at The HeartWorkers. This north star cannot be reached if we imagine the worst happening. But it can be reached if we visualize the best case scenario.

Now is your turn to experiment:

Whatever your current feeling is. Take a deep breath.

Put a smile on your face. Come on, do it.

Nobody’s watching. Or they will smile back at you... what’s the risk here? Bringing more light into someone else’s world.

Take another deep breath.

And now, choose that the rest of your day will feel like a positive one. Will it be playful? Will it be focussed? Will it be surprising? Will it be gentle? Will it be active?...

Decide that all situations you’ll face will be an opportunity to experience this feeling. And when they’re not, you’ll recognize them and you won’t connect to them. You’ll stay connected to your heart energy.

You will not stop falling, but you will learn how to fall and how to get up faster.

So, how to develop optimism? By learning the heart language and by daring to become who you are.

If we don’t trust that it’s possible, we’re limiting our talent of creation and manifestation.

To recap we are offering you some new daily declaration:

  • I trust that everything is possible.

  • I trust that there is a learning in each experience

  • I trust that to manifest a strong desire, I need to try everything I can before forgetting that I had this desire.

  • I trust that I will not give up on my dreams.

  • I trust that I will be patient

  • And so, I create the best positive outcome for myself and others.


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