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Doubts Are Game Changers

We like to consider doubts as pathways to our hearts. Doubts are the signal our body is using to ask us to pause before making a decision. When a doubt shows up, discomfort is never far away. Discomfort is that perfect situation designed just for us to be triggered to remind ourselves that we are powerful creators. Triggered enough that we are aware that something is going on, without making sense of it yet. It's that moment when our consciousness is asking us to decide between:

1. Pretend to ignore it
2. Feel through it

To prove to yourself that doubts can show you the way towards your heart, pick answer 2 and be intentional about it. Our body can dissolve discomfort in a few seconds by breathing & feeling through it. We all get to experience it. Discomfort is part of life to help us grow, whether we are lost in translation with our own mood, lacking energy or lacking clarity to evolve in a constant unknown. Why? Because that's how we learn. So relax, feel & learn how to access new information so that you can rebalance your energy at all times and keep growing.

The problem is that we don't know how to assess uncomfortable situations when the discomfort is internal & invisible for our eyes. When the discomfort is visible, our physical body hurts, shows wounds and urges us to heal the pain as quickly as possible. But when the discomfort is internal, we don't know what to do with it, nor where the pain comes from. So we ignore the discomfort until it becomes unbearable and we compensate for the pain by building patterns that may be soothing us on the short-term and burdening us on the long term.

Emotions are data points waiting to be crunched. The huge amount of datas currently available on earth have created new languages that people interpret very differently. The emotional data we are describing here cannot be interpreted by anyone else, other than you. This data is unique to you. This data belongs to you. This data cannot be hacked. Only you can crack the code, by transforming your emotions into highly relevant information for your personal growth, by feeling through your senses, while seeing through your eyes.

From latin root e-motere:

emotion = energy in motion. We like to consider emotions as waves of energy going through our body. Each emotion is a messenger ready to offer a precious gift at all times. As an alchemist of our energy we have the power to transform those emotions into unique information to access learning. If the situation is designed for us to react a certain way, then why fight it? Resisting is only preventing us from accessing the learning behind the wall. Resisting is preventing us to say; Yes to life!

"Don't waste your suffering" Julio Ollala (Founder of Newfield Network)

That's why we consider doubts & discomforts as coded information. Some codes are easier than others, they make us feel a tiny bit uncomfortable. Example of discomfort in a conversation: "Are you actually listening to what I'm saying?" And other codes seem impossible to decipher. They make us feel so uncomfortable in our heads and/or in our bodies that we freeze, fight or flee, and we repeat that patterns even when we know it is draining our energy.


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