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Are we good leaders?

We hear about business plans all the time but we don’t hear about leadership plans. And for us, this is a number one need.

  • Business plan goal: convincing mathematically & scientifically that one business can generate tons of money rapidly.

  • Leadership plan goal: convincing that co-existing unconditionally towards one common goal can generate all information & action needed to reach the expected goal.

  • Our theory: If a group is fully committed to a cause with clear shared intention, all information needed is received by the group to generate expected outcomes.

  • Conditions for success: 100% alignment on the vision & the detailed plan at all times. Otherwise, our ego gets in the way and prevents individuals from accessing life-changing information. It is collective intelligence in absolute value.

If you think this sounds all marvelous & quite unrealistic, trust your instinct. In the current state of our relationships, at home, at work or at a more global institutional level, this theory cannot be tested, because our current norms for co-existence are too hard to break. And power games are not that bad… Yes they are! Anyway, that’s why at HeartWorkers, we are making it a goal: growth through unconditional co-existence. If you imagine our recruitment process being intense… As always, trust your instinct.

The HeartWorkers Leadership Principles:

  • Choose & re-choose your work daily & the way you work, in order to grow from a safe place zone.

  • Allow differences to be celebrated as untapped learning opportunities.

  • Trust that learning requires personal efforts highly rewarded.

  • Give unconditionally to receive the information needed to generate the expected results.

  • Bring a full presence at all times and allow for others to do the same.

  • Signal when you see an opportunity to grow for yourself & others.

  • Connect with the group with the will to keep a curious mind and an open heart.

  • Disconnect from the group when you know you’re not able to respect the above principles & use this time for self reflection or individual work.


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