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A Journey Through Somatic Coaching

Touch, Movement, and Self-Discovery

Imagine stepping into a space of discovery where your body's wisdom unfolds through the gentle art of touch and movement. This is the essence of somatic coaching – a journey into the depths of your being, guided by the subtle yet powerful interplay of sensations and awareness.

The Story Begins

You usually arrive at a coaching session with an idea, a challenge you wish to overcome. I invite you right away to an embodiment practice to acknowledge what sensations are present in your body. We begin with gentle movements or a sensory awakening. You're guided through a body scan, drifting away from the chatter of your mind to the quiet, profound realm of bodily sensations. This shift is your first step towards true embodiment.

As we progress, the layers of your initial expectations start to peel away. Through the grounding practices of touch and sensory connection, you discover that the real challenge that calls for your attention during the coaching session is a different one, a challenge that was hidden beneath the surface of your active thoughts. This is when transformation is possible.

In this shared space, as your coach, I can now attune to your emotional landscape. Your feelings resonate within me, creating a bond that transcends words. This connection enhances our journey, as I gently guide you towards recognizing and embracing your true emotions.

Our session evolves into a dance, an exchange of energy. I am present with you, each moment a step towards empowerment. You learn to discern and manage your bodily sensations, gaining mastery over the present moment, allowing deep wounds to be felt in a safe way, the key ingredient for change.

Safety and Adaptability

Your safety is my utmost priority. We navigate this journey with care, adapting our approach to your unique state of being. Whether you're grappling with stress or feeling disconnected, somatic techniques, including light touch or mindful movement, are tailored to reassure and ground you.

Autonomy and Self-awareness

Gradually, you become more autonomous. You start recognizing when you're lost in thought and learn to return to your body's wisdom. This self-awareness is a powerful tool, a compass that guides you back to equilibrium and balance.

Even in the realm of virtual coaching, the essence of somatic work remains unchanged. You are guided through practices that mirror in-person sessions, helping you connect with and soften your body, unraveling layers of tension and emotional history.

Guided by a safe and gentle voice, your body becomes instruments of healing, gently inviting your body to soften and expand. A somatic practice is not only about technique but also about intention – a dialogue of care and presence between you and your body.

Somatic coaching is a language of healing and self-discovery. It's a journey that transcends physical space, a path to profound transformation and growth.

Elodie Attias

The New-Sense Coach


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