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If you are a somatic or embodiment coach, this place is designed for you!


Our mission is to connect the best coaches with corporate employees from Fortune 500 companies and provide them with the transformative guidance they need to thrive at an individual and team level.


Invest in Your Future

  • Empower Yourself as a Coach: By joining NOUSENS platform, you'll gain a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise and connect with corporate professionals eager to enhance their well-being & leadership skills.

  • Make a Difference in Corporate Well-Being: Partnering with leading corporations, NOUSENS brings the benefits of embodiment coaching to employees worldwide. As an NOUSENS coach, you can play a pivotal role in fostering innovation in mental health and making a groundbreaking change in the corporate arena.

  • More than just a marketplace; NOUSENS is a thriving community of coaches and professionals committed to growth and well-being. We offer valuable resources, including training materials, articles, and a supportive network, to enhance your practice.

Getting Started

Create Profile

Sign up as an embodiment coach on our platform. Craft a compelling profile that showcases your unique skills, experience, and coaching philosophy to attract clients who resonate with your approach.

Initiate Conversation

Start meaningful relationship with potential clients to understand their needs and discuss how your coaching can benefit them through a FREE 30min coaching session.

Schedule Session

Coordinate coaching sessions directly through the platform, making it easy to manage your appointments and communicate with your clients.

Access Portal

Gain access to a wealth of resources, including training materials, articles, and community forums to enhance your coaching practice.

Meet The Lead Coach 
Elodie Attias
Meet Elodie Attias
The Lead Coach


After 8 years as an entrepreneur and 9 years as an embodiment & ontological coach (Newfield Network), Elodie is committed to elevating the relationship with oneself and foster empathy through embodiment. In her Memoir, "The Lucky Card," Elodie shares her fight against Bone-Cancer and how her intuition, guiding her to apply for The US Green Card Lottery, saved her life."

In uncertainty, inner safety anchors our potential."

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