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Create Your Own Embodiment Calendar

Daily - Weekly - Monthly Embodiment Prescriptions

Based on YOUR Specific NEEDS


Guided Practices 3 to 5 min 

VISUALIZE: Solo-Learning / 3 Min / Standing [...]

Begin your workday with a 3-minute exercise. Envision your team's goals, successful collaborations, create a shared mutual roadmap for the day.

BREATHE: Solo-Learning / 2 Min / Seating [...]

Throughout the day, practice conscious breathing during solo tasks or meetings. Take short breaks to inhale deeply for four counts, hold for four, exhale for four, and pause for four to maintain composure and focus.

SENSE: Duo-Learning / 3 Min / Seating [...]

During one-on-one meetings, encourage your colleagues to engage in a brief sensory awareness exercise. Discuss how you can create a more productive and harmonious work environment by addressing sensory factors.


MOVE: Group-Learning / 5 Min / Moving [...]

Incorporate group physical activities into your work routine. Build team embodied leadership to boost energy and foster team unity.


Ongoing Safety Measures 

Discharge (Solo): Disconnect and Recharge by moving slowly

Recharge (Duo): Collaborative Exercise of gratitude & celebration

Repeat (Solo): Goal Review and Adjustment for the following week

Integrate (Group): Monthly Knowledge Sharing through community



This accountability framework will help maintain motivation and productivity while fostering a healthy & safe work-life balance.


Immersive Learning Experiences

  1. Self-Assess (Solo): Take a day each month for comprehensive self-assessment, but also schedule a duo review session to discuss your individual and collective embodiment team growth and development.

  2. Live Training (Duo): Attend live training events as a duo, and afterward, hold a debrief session to exchange ideas, key takeaways, and action plans.

  3. Mentoring (Group): Conduct group mentoring sessions with your team members and/or high school students, fostering collective growth.

  4. Noonest (Solo-Duo-Group): Continue your monthly practice, and join NEW-SENSE seminars. This promotes transparency and personal growth within the organization.



Disrupters, Changemakers, Lifelong Learners


You are likely in positions of leadership or management, where strong personal leadership skills are crucial. Daily practices such as visualization, progressive relaxation movements and self-assessment will help you make better decisions, manage stress, and develop emotional intelligence, enhancing your effectiveness as a leader.

You already know that change is the only constant and you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends on well-being & performance @work. The embodiment roadmap's emphasis on continuous learning, including monthly group learning sessions and live training events, aligns with your team's skills needs. 


You and your co-workers are not immune to burnouts and you care to prioritize well-being and resilience through embodiment practices because science can teach you how to rewire your nervous system. Lets see what outcomes have changed in 3 months!

"When the closing...

Doesn't look like what you expected


Discharge all energy stuck within you - invite your co-workers to do the same

Is never coming

Is too stressful


Allow your body to react and own it without changing anything - 2 min


Imagine the most beautiful exits for you and your co-workers - 3 min

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